Testimonials & Trainer Bios

Alberto Levine Carlos Conejo
Carol Hastings David Burkhart
Doug Sjoberg Elizabeth Roche, SPHR
Gerilynn Berg Heidi Hamilton
Jeffrey Hull Jeffrey L. Washington
Kathleen Krentz Susan Peahl
Mark Strunin


Testimonial Image I manage a very large multicultural staff in a very fast paced industry. Stress levels can run high. I enlisted the services of Susan Peahl as my personal coach to help me get to the next level as a leader. I really enjoyed working with her. She gave me great tools and techniques that I was able to use immediately and that have been very effective with my staff. Not only did she teach me how to communicate more effectively and get more performance out of my staff while building stronger relationships, she also helped me with strategies to train my staff to become a stronger team, even though our meeting time is limited. She is a very good teacher; supportive, and calls it like she sees it—direct and straightforward. I learned a lot from her, and she’s made me a better manager.
Executive Chef
Nationally Recognized Liberal Arts College


Some of the positive results of Employers Group’s training included: improved communication, a strong understanding of how others think and operate and increased respect and support among managers. The training has also made my job easier as the head of HR.
Brenda Kent, Human Resources Manager, Implant Direct, Agoura Hills, CA


Last year we worked with Employers Group to create a team building day. A year later, staff from all locations are still talking about the fun and interactive day that they participated in. We look forward to working with Employers Group again!
Karen Hammond, Human Resources Manager, Jamboree Housing Corporation, Irvine, CA


Our managers have given feedback that you delivered what they perceived as “boring material” in an interesting and memorable way. To this day, I get employee relations questions from our managers who often reference things they learned in your class. Your understanding of our business and the language we use helped to bridge the gap between the law and The Body Shop. Thanks again.
Al Kong, Director of Human Resources, The Body Shop, Wake Forest, NC


Thank you very much for teaching our supervisory classes. Our employees feel like the time was well spent, and that each of them are using what they learned on a daily basis.
Ellen Hootman, Communications and Training Manager, Animal Supply Logistics, Davis CA