Create a Fast and Easy eTraining Solution for Your Employees

Our eTraining Portal (eTP) is different than any other e-learning offering available, anywhere. It provides employers the unique opportunity to offer a self-development program to any or all employees. Once implemented, trainees enroll themselves in any of the available courses.

Plus, eTP allows for distinctions between employees and supervisors, so employees do not enroll themselves in supervisory coursework.

The eTP system allows "mandatory" courses (such as harassment prevention, ethics, or any training of your choosing) to be set-up with reminders for completion.

Three course bundles* are available, providing great flexibility in training offerings for every budget and training need:

  • Silver:        20 courses
  • Gold:         50 courses
  • Platinum:   75 courses

Your company has the option to include custom-branded landing pages and URLs (below). This allows for seamless corporate branding and messaging to build your own "corporate university." Even better - Employers Group does all the design work!


Sample Branding

*Courses are pre-defined. Courses may be added or taken away for an additional fee.


The benefits of eTP to your organization include:

  • Engage & Retain Employees: Offer a brand-new benefit all employees will utilize.
  • Unlimited Users: Pricing based on who you want to train (individuals or large groups).
  • Open Access: Employees self-enroll in coursework. Supervisors have access to all courses; employees have access to all but the supervisory courses.
  • Tracking: Easily monitor performance and administer via turn-key Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Practical: Courses are designed to be quick, results-oriented and workplace-driven.
  • Pricing: Receive 20, 50 or 75 courses for the price of just harassment training.
  • Cost Effective: Less than $1 per course, (ex.: 75 courses for 200 employees = $0.32 per course).

The benefits for your employees:

  • 24 / 7 On-Demand Access: Courses are available online and available anytime, anywhere.
  • User Friendly Access: Easy logon: or through your customized URL:
  • Enhance Performance: Optional supervisor suggestions or mandates for specific courses for employee performance development.
  • Certificates: Completion certificates are available for each successfully completed course.
  • Book Marking: Resumes training where a trainee exited the learning.
  • Self-Development: Builds and promotes an individual's self-development goals.
  • Relationship: Core topics that will improve both workplace and personal connections.




eTraining Portal (eTP) is set up to meet your needs and budget!

Simply determine if you:

  1. Want the Silver (20 courses), Gold (50 courses) or Platinum (75 courses) license?
  2. Will your company offer to some or all your employees (what is your trainee count)?
  3. Do you want this to be a 1, 2 or 3 year initiative?
  4. Do you prefer to pay in full (and save) or make quarterly payments?
  5. Would you prefer a custom landing page and URL (remember, we do the work)?

1 & 2) License Selection & Number of Trainees

  • Silver        20 Courses      $1,950 (up to 100 learners)      $500 (each additional 100)
  • Gold         50 Courses      $2,950 (up to 100 learners)      $700 (each additional 100)
  • Platinum   75 Courses      $3,950 (up to 100 learners)      $800 (each additional 100)

3) Term

  • One Year:        Pay the license fee, above
  • Two Years:      Multiply the license fee by 1.75 (approximately 3 months free)
  • Three Years:   Multiple the license fee by 2.50 (approximately 6 months free)

4) Pay in Full or Quarterly

  • Pay in Full:         Pay the license amount due plus any customization or set-up (item 5)
  • Pay Quarterly:    Add 10% to the license amount, pay quarterly. First payment includes Item 5.

5) Custom Landing Page/URL and Implementation Fee (one time fees):

Employers Group Members: $0 Implementation Set-Up Fee
$750 Custom Branding Fee (optional)
Non-Members: $950 Implementation Set-Up Fee
$950 Custom Branding Fee (optional)


Want us to price this out for you? CLICK HERE.


Implementing eTP takes less than two weeks. Email your preferred options (from pricing section), and we will send you an agreement. Sample Order Form.

We will need:

  • A completed trainee spreadsheet (draft attached)
  • Your harassment prevention policy (incorporated into appropriate modules)
  • Optional Branding: High Definition Logo (jpeg or gif), Imagery/Graphics, Text, Landing Page and Name to use for URL (
  • The specific courses you would like to be made "mandatory" for certain groups of employees (e.g. all supervisors should receive harassment prevention and code of conduct; all employees to receive employee harassment prevention; etc.)
  • Work with your internal IT Department to ensure the system will run without issue and that emails will be received, that Flash is available as the course runs on Flash, etc.

We recommend that a senior-level executive communicate this brand new offering to your employees prior to sending out the log in info and sample memos below. Feel free to customize the attached documents to meet your communication objectives:

Order Form

To view an order form, CLICK HERE. For additional questions, please contact or 800-748-8484 ext. 3962.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Employers Group (EG) has created a FAQ section to answer some common questions. It is broken down into four areas: (1) Pricing & Demo Access, (2) Set-up & Implementation, (3) Administration and (4) Content-Related Items. If you have a question that is not covered in this FAQ, please email your EG Client Services Professional or


Can I purchase only a few seats to access the portal? Yes. While, the portal is priced as an organization or facility-wide implementation, it is based on total employee count, platinum-level (75 course) access can be purchased for one or more individuals. Base pricing for silver, gold and platinum includes 100 users. If you would want significantly fewer seats, we can provide individual access. The fee is $395 per person for platinum level. Individual pricing for silver (20 courses) and gold (50 courses) access is not available.

Can I purchase the base-level pricing (for 100 employees) even though my headcount is 115? Yes, but only if you are only offering eTraining Portal to 100 employees; however, if you want to make it available to all 115 and take advantage of the best pricing, we recommend purchasing a license for 200 learners.

What do you suggest if I only have 125 employees and just need 125 licenses? I do not foresee needing any more licenses and do not want to buy 200. eTraining Portal's pricing has been optimized in increments of 100. The base price includes 100 licenses. If you want to incrementally add on to the base, you may do so in multiples of 25. The fees (per 25) are:

  • Silver          $250
  • Gold           $300
  • Platinum      $350

In this scenario, if you add a 126th employee, you will be invoiced for an additional 25 licenses.

What type of discount is provided if we sign-up for multiple years? You receive three years of access for the fee comparable to 2.5 years (17% discount). For two year access, you will pay the fee comparable to 1.75 years (13% discount).

What is required, payment-wise, to implement the portal? We offer a quarterly payment plan and a full-payment plan. Organizations wishing to make quarterly payments pay a 10% premium and must make payments via ACH. The first payment must consist of the first quarterly payment plus set-up and custom-branding fees (if any).

I am an Employers Group member and have received a 90-day trial; can I reactivate my access beyond the 90 days? The price to activate access beyond 90 days is $395 per individual. At the time of purchase, you will receive one year of access for $395. Contact to re-access your eTP.

Can I preview the content that is available? Yes. As an authorized user of your Employers Group membership, you receive 90-days of trainee-level access to eTraining Portal content at no cost. To log- in, simply enter your email address and EG member number at From here, you can also retrieve your password. If you have recently become a member, please contact to activate your 90-day access. Once logged in, simply "enroll" yourself in the courses you would like to receive.

Can someone else from my company have preview access? While this is an authorized member exclusive, Employers Group will allow up to two additional individuals who are not an authorized user of Employers Group services to have preview access to eTraining Portal. Simply email

If we are not satisfied with the service and wish to discontinue, what is the policy? Cancellation is available for organizations that have chosen to pay quarterly and have a 2 or 3 year term and will be prorated based on use. Please note that a four-month advance notice must be given in writing.

What is required, payment-wise, to implement the portal? We offer a quarterly payment plan and a full-payment plan. Organizations wishing to make quarterly payments pay a 10% premium and must make payments via ACH. The first payment must consist of the first quarterly payment plus set-up and custom-branding fees (if any).

What is the difference between the older LMS and eTraining Portal?

  Existing LMS eTraining Portal
Purchase Online Yes No
Purchase Just One Course Yes No
Purchase Only AB1825 Yes No
Custom Landing Page No Yes
Custom URL No Yes
Value for Amount Paid No Yes
Administrative Functionality No Yes
Visually Appealing No Yes


Can I view the administrative features? Yes. An on-demand video demo is available at You can also view it here: eTraining Portal Demo.

What is the process for setting up our eTraining Portal? Once the order is executed, we will provide you with a spreadsheet to complete with your list of learners for us to upload into the portal. If you would like a custom landing page and URL, per the agreement, we will need your verbiage, graphics, logo and background color choice. Please also supply your harassment prevention policy in Word or PDF format. Once all of these items are received, it will take approximately two weeks to set up your custom portal.

How can we activate the portal for individuals who do not have a company email addresses? While an email address would be helpful, it is not required. You can enroll an individual with a username and password. It is important to provide the individual(s) with a log-on instruction sheet. Individuals without email addresses will not receive email notifications from the system. An individual's email address may or may not be used as their username. This is your choice. Additionally, the username selected for the individual must be unique throughout the entire LMS system.

How are usernames and passwords created? On the set-up spreadsheet you complete, you can create individual usernames and passwords. We recommend that the username be an individual's work email address and the password be their employee ID or other unique identifier that they can easily remember. Users can change the password once they log-in and can receive reminder emails about their password.

Can we choose not to have an organization-branded landing page or URL? Yes. You would simply utilize our standard logon:

Can we make changes to the custom branded website? If the set-up is not to your satisfaction, we will update the page one additional time at no charge. If additional changes are needed thereafter, a nominal fee will apply.

Can we change the URL? No. Once eTrainingPortal is implemented, the URL cannot be changed.

Can I implement the eTraining Portal if I am not a current Employers Group member? Yes. The set-up fee is $975 for non-members. (Set-up is free for current EG members.)

Can we deploy the eTraining Portal to only those employees who have company-provided email addresses (i.e. supervisory, administrative, executive, etc.) and not to all employees (i.e. production) because they do not have computer access? Yes; this is your choice. Pricing is based on the licenses (headcount) you need, so if you choose to only initially offer it to those with email addresses and then later choose an organization-wide roll-out, you may do so. Remember, the portal is a great self-development tool for all employees and can help employees who may not typically have access to training and development opportunities (i.e. production line).

In the scenario above, do I need to let you know that we are rolling this out to everyone? No. You have open access. We will invoice you for the additional licenses based upon your agreement.

I would like to implement the Silver-level portal and would like to include additional courses in our portal. Can I do this? Yes; however, there is an additional fee of $300 - $500 per added course. Additional courses are priced individually. We will provide the cost of individual courses and you can compare it to the cost of implementing either the gold or platinum-level package. In addition to the courses available from eTraining Portal, there are hundreds more courses available at you may include.

I would not like to offer some courses, is this possible? Yes; there is an administrative fee of $250 to remove 1-5 courses; $500 to remove 6-10 courses and $750 to remove more than 10 courses.

Do you have sample communications messages that can be sent? Yes. We have sample messages that you can use to communicate the eTraining Portal to new employees as well as current employees. We have messages for each package and one message for employees and one for supervisors. Please CLICK HERE to view or request them from

Can we set-up a protocol so that supervisors (and/or employees) in certain departments are automatically assigned specific mandatory courses? Yes. During set-up, we can create this protocol for you.

Can we set up "rules" so that certain job positions, locations or departments are automatically assigned specific classes? Yes. We call them a "certification." We can create several certifications during the set-up process. It requires that you include the relevant information on job positions, locations or departments on your Learner upload spreadsheet.

For example, a certification might be the following:

  • Certification Name: Non-Management Customer Service Staff Training
  • Position(s) to Receive Certification: Customer Service Representative
  • Training to Receive: Customer Support, Customer Loyalty Improvement, Conflict Management, Handling Difficult Customers.


Can I view the administrative features? Yes. An on-demand video demo is available at You can also view it here: eTraining Portal Demo.

Can my company have multiple administrators? Yes; however, anyone with administrative access has the ability to make changes.

Will I be able to run reports? Yes. There are many reports that are available to be viewed, printed and exported to Excel by an administrator. Reports will show trainees, which courses they are enrolled in, date assigned, date completed, exam scores and other details. All details may be sorted through the Excel format.

Will reminder notices be sent to the employees about eTraining Portal? Because access to the portal is voluntary, no system reminders will be sent unless a course has been assigned as a "certification" or "mandatory" course. Those designated as supervisors will receive a one-time email notice for those specific courses. Trainees that are assigned mandatory courses will receive regular e-mail reminders until the course has been completed. We recommend that HR send regular monthly reminders about the service to employees.

Will reminder notices be sent for courses in which they are enrolled? Yes. Once a trainee is enrolled in a mandatory course, they will receive e-mail reminders.

If an individual no longer is employed, can I deactivate him/her? Yes. You would do so under your administrative access.

Do I need to contact Employers Group to have more seats added to my account? No. We will regularly monitor accounts and will invoice you per your contract if you exceed the threshold purchased.

Can I utilize your content and load onto my organizations' LMS (learning management systems)? Yes. Our content is SCORM compliant and can even be changed to meet your requirements. Contact for pricing.

Can we start with one tier and later move to another tier? You may move "up" a tier (e.g. silver to gold), but you may not move "down" (e.g. platinum to gold). The term of your agreement must have at least six months remaining and you will be invoiced a pro-rated amount plus a 10% administrative fee.

Can I make some courses voluntary and some courses mandatory? Yes. The portal is designed as an open-access system whereby anyone given access can enroll (assign) themselves in a course. However, there are some courses that you may require employees to take (e.g. harassment prevention). Once assigned, trainees will be reminded of this mandatory-course assignment until completion

Will employees be able to take courses geared toward supervisors? No. When completing your Trainee spreadsheet, you will indicate whether or not they should have access to supervisory content (harassment for supervisors, performance reviews, supervisory law, etc.). Only those employees noted as a supervisor will have access to this type of content.

Do employees need to be paid if they are taking training via eTraining Portal? The portal is a voluntary benefit that you can offer employees as a self-development tool that will help them professionally and personally. Any courses they choose to complete outside of work (and hours) do not need to be compensated. However, any courses that the company or a supervisor assigns as a mandatory course must be compensated. It is recommended that you require employees to complete any mandatory classes during work hours.

Additionally, the system does document "time spent" in a course. However, if the individual does not "log-out" when training is completed, it will accumulate a large amount of time spent in the course.

We are currently using Employers Group for harassment prevention training. Can we transition all current users to the new portal? We recommend that all users who are currently assigned harassment prevention training complete their training in the current system. Because we are using a different LMS (Learning Management System), we are not able to transition trainees who are currently mid-course. If you would like completion data transferred into the eTraining Portal, this can be done. Please contact us for more information and fees. For future harassment prevention training, it is usually more economical to use the new portal.

Can I transition any unused seats / credits toward the portal? No. The portal is a completely different learning management system and set-up and seats / credits cannot be transferred from one to another. We recommend that you complete your current program first.

How will a supervisor know if their employees complete a course? If a supervisor asks an employee to complete a course and the supervisor does not have administrative LMS access, it is recommended that the supervisor advise the employee to print the completion certificate upon completion of the course. In addition, an authorized administrator may log in and track any trainee's progress.

Will there be a problem if we use Apple products? The Learning Management System (LMS) will work on any platform; however, training content is built using Adobe Flash. If using content in an Apple environment, special software will be needed and is not part of the eTraining Portal setup or implementation. It is recommended that you demo courses using an Apple product before purchasing.


Can I utilize your content and load onto my organizations' LMS (learning management systems)? Yes. Our content is SCORM compliant and can even be modified to meet your requirements. Contact for pricing.

Is "Preventing Harassment and Discrimination for California Supervisors" AB1825 compliant? Yes. AB1825 requires any individual who leads or supervises another to receive at least 2 hours of compliant training every two years and within six months of promotion or hire. Our training exceeds this standard and will not allow an individual to successfully complete the course before two hours has transpired. Both English and Spanish courses are available for California supervisors. We also offer a non-supervisory level course in Spanish and English which lasts approximately one hour.

Do you offer non-California harassment prevention training? Yes. It is included in the Silver, Gold and Platinum packages, in English and Spanish, for both employees and supervisors.

Will we receive regular content updates if we purchase eTraining Portal now? Yes. Whenever content is changed or updated, the new versions will be made available to you.

Is it possible to have two of our bi-annual harassment prevention trainings done within the portal? Yes. If the three year plan is selected, it would be possible to have two bi-annual trainings done for the price of one contract.

What if my organization provides Harassment training yearly? Typically, harassment prevention training rules require annual updates to content. All new "version years" will be added to the catalog of courses (e.g. 2014 Preventing Harassment and Illegal Discrimination, 2015 Preventing Harassment and Illegal Discrimination). Once a new version is available, Employers Group recommends assigning the new version to all trainees who have not yet been assigned or who have already completed a prior version.

Am I able to upload my company's harassment prevention policy into the HPT-related courses? Yes. An important aspect to harassment prevention training is for your policy to be available to trainees. As part of your implementation, please send the harassment policy to and we will upload it to the appropriate courses. The other course that has an upload feature is "Conflict of Interest".

Can we replace or substitute courses? Yes and No. To utilize the current pricing and structure of eTraining Portal, no. To provide the lowest priced eTraining solution, we have created three levels – Silver, Gold and Platinum. Yes: We are able to customize a specific mix of courses for you. Contact us for pricing on creating a special tier of courses.

Will an employee be able to access a course even if they have completed it? Yes. Content of a completed course will be available after the course has been completed. In fact, there are many resources, including job aids, handouts and links that may prompt a trainee to return to course content.

How many attempts are permitted to complete a course? Individuals must pass a proficiency exam with a minimum 80% score within three attempts to earn a completion certificate. If they are unable to earn a certificate in three attempts, the enrollment will move to their "My Completed Training" area marked as "Completed Unsatisfactorily." The Learner will then need to re-enroll in the course (either from the Course Catalog or from their "My Assigned Training" area). Once the Trainee is re-enrolled, the course will appear on the Learner's "Current Enrollments" screen. Thus, they will need to re-take the course.