Online Employee Opinion Survey

Let Employers Group help you define your Employee Engagement Strategies

At the core of any organization’s efforts to build an effective engagement strategy is an understanding of how employees view and feel about where they work, what motivates them, and what values they hold high. To support organizations who want an engaged workforce, Employers Group is now offering a simple, but powerful tool: An Online Employee Opinion Survey.

Member Benefit

  • No-cost benefit ($1,600 value)
  • Custom built online survey within 2 business days of registration
  • Custom survey link
  • Company portal with participation tracking and report access
  • Employee communication templates
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Is an online employee opinion survey right for your organization?

An Employee Opinion Survey is used to assess an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and issues affecting employee morale and organizational performance. The results allow companies to develop an effective and engaging management program, prepare their organization for change, and understand what employees value in their work life.

Poll Employees on a variety of topics:

1. Engagement
7. Quality and Productivity
2. Working Conditions
8. Policies and Practices
3. Supervisory Effectiveness – Management Skills
9. Employee Development and Recognition
4. Supervisory Effectiveness – People Skills
10. Quality of Work Life
5. Communication
11. Reaction to the Survey
6. Compensation and Benefits
12. Management Effectiveness

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WELU 2014 Presentation: Employee Engagement.

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