Other HR Services

Start-Up HR

When you are new in business you may not have the experience of what is needed to start a Human Resource Department; you need to turn to an organization who does. Employers Group can offer a vast wealth of information of all the policies and procedures and programs that will be needed as you develop this department of your company. 

HR Outsourcing 

Sometimes organizations go through growth and may not have all the tools to expand their organization. There also are times when the company does not want to have a project done by the internal HR staff. This is where the Employers Group steps in. We can assist you in identifying and in finding the HR expert to work with to fill your companies short term needs so you can focus your efforts on the long term growth.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching has become one of the most effective ways to ensure growth and development of an individual executive in the workplace today.

When an executive needs or wants to change methods of operation 
When an executive takes on a new role 
When the executive has to become more effective in her/his job and role 
Develop or enhance leadership 
Coaches are used to assist executives develop new perspectives of leadership to support the organization internal needs and growth. Many times coaches will come in to help manage when change needs to be better understood or when key employees need to be prepared for new roles.

Organizational Design

Employers Group offers an array of consultants with expertise in all aspects of organizational development. We can also design programs to help you maintain, motivate and maximize your employees' performance and develop effective leadership styles for your specific needs. These are some of the areas we can guide you:

Performance Management 
Employee Development 
Executive Coaching 
Succession Planning 
Outplacement/Career Transition

Software Implementation

Employers Group has experienced staff to install, tailor and train your HR users on various HR software products.

Quality Management

How does your company check internal quality control? Do you have a strategic plan in place? Is your company decision-making process streamlined throughout the organization? Let us show you how.

Strategic Planning 
Operations Assessments
Process Improvement
ISO 9000
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Best Practices Benchmarking

For more information on our consulting services, please contact us.